At Hammer Down Range, we strive to give the best gunsmith service in the greater Cincinnati tri-state area. A clean, well-maintained gun is a safer gun. We offer a variety of firearms maintenance and gunsmith services, ranging from simple cleanings to elaborate machining work and restoration.


  • Shop Charges
    • Hourly Rate – $45.00
      • Welding, Milling & Lathe work at same rate
    • Minimum Charge – $12.00


  • Basic Cleaning
    • Including appropriate lubrication/oiling of moving parts and a complete safety check – $12
  • Detail Cleaning
    • A more thorough tear-down of your pistol or long gun. This is the perfect option for those who want an absolutely spotless gun – $25


  • Bore sight
    • 21 paces
  • Rifle
    • Drill Tap for scope mount
  • Shotgun
    • Drill Tap for scope mount
  • Pistol
    • Sight installation
  • Revolver
    • Chamber Crowning


  • Bluing
  • Cerakote
  • Disassemble, clean, inspect, lubricate & reassemble.
  • Remove corrosion and touch-up finish.
  • Repair burred or damaged parts with files & stones.
  • Replace defective parts with factory-made replacements, hand-fitting as necessary.
  • Add after-market customization:
    • sling-swivels
    • recoil-pads
    • iron-sights
    • scopes
    • grip caps
    • butt plates
  • Repair and re-finish wooden stock parts.
  • Checker or re-checker grip areas.
  • Deepen or clean up worn or damaged engravings & markings.
  • Re-crown damaged muzzles on a lathe.
  • Repair dented shotgun barrels.
  • Install (solder) or repair rib on shotgun barrels, or repair double-barrel assemblies.
  • Measure & correct head-space dimensions.
  • Check for excessive bore erosion.
  • Troubleshoot and repair feeding, ejecting & firing problems.
  • Test-fire guns with conventional loads to ensure proper operation.
  • Fabricate wooden stocks to customer specifications and body dimensions. Fit same to existing receiver and barrel.
  • Glass-bed actions to stocks to improve accuracy.
  • Remove existing metal finish, and re-blue metal parts.
  • Fabricate replacement parts from metal stock.
  • Modify trigger-pull weight through careful stoning of trigger mechanism parts.
  • Fire proof-loads through weapons to ensure sufficient strength of parts under over-load conditions.
  • Replace worn barrels, which have fired so many rounds that they are no longer of the specified caliber (which leads to loss of accuracy).
  • Change caliber or cartridge of existing rifle, by changing barrel, and modifying receiver.
  • Re-cut rifling and change caliber of existing barrel.
  • Design and build complete rifles by fitting stock barrels to stock receivers; fabricating or purchasing additional parts as needed, and fitting same to rifle. Fitting custom stock to same.
  • Design and build a complete rifle starting with several pieces of blank steel and a slab of walnut; using nothing more than a lathe, saws, files, chisels, & rasps.