Remington Model 11 Firing Pin Fix

Our gunsmith had a new mission to undertake, today. The firing pin on a Remington Model 11 decided to break. Our gunsmith took on the mission with ease, knowing how to solve the issue. The gunsmith needed to re-weld the pin, first. This would ensure that the pin would stay on. The second step was to re-treat the pin in order to revive it.
2014-11-17 19.12.46-0003

Unfortunately, we were not able to re-order a spring for the Remington Model 11. Our gunsmith had decided to fabricate one, instead.
2014-11-17 19.13.09-00042014-11-17 19.13.31-00052014-11-17 19.14.09-00062014-11-17 19.15.13-00072014-11-17 19.15.58-0008

Here is what the outcome looked like:
2014-11-17 19.18.32-0000

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-Staff at Onling Guns