Rossi .44 Mag Lifter Arm Issue

We had a new Rossi .44 Mag come in; however, the charging lever wouldn’t work. The cartridge would not load into the battery. We had to polish the lifter arm because it was rubbing onto the receiver. This means that the changing lever wouldn’t lift.
2014-12-27 15.35.16-0000
We started with a 280 grit paper to polish the lifter arm. Eventually, we finished the polishing with a 600 grit sand paper so leave a more refined finish.
2014-12-27 15.35.28-00012014-12-27 15.37.50-0002
Here is a look at the finish of the Rossi .44 Mag:
2014-12-27 15.38.52-0003

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-Staff at Onling Guns