Steps to fill out a Form 4 for a Trust, LLC or a Corporation

How to fill out an ATF FORM 4 (5320.4)



1. Type of Transfer

Put a checkmark or X in the box next to $200 as this is the price for the transfer tax on a silencer.

2a. Transferee’s Name and Address

This is your full name and address. If you put a P. O. Box here, they will kick the form back and make your put a physical address in there. Use only physical addresses. If filling out this form for a corporation or trust, use the address listed in the corporation or trust documentation.

2b. County

This is the county you live in NOT THE COUNTRY YOU LIVE IN.

3a. Transferor’s Name and Address

1616 State Route 28
Loveland, OH 45140

3b. Transferor’s Name and Address

(513) 239-7471

3c. Leave it blank

3d. Leave it blank

4a. This is where you put the Manufacturer of the silencer and the address of the manufacturer. If you are unsure of what to use, leave it blank

4b. Type of Firearm


4c. Caliber

Put your silencers caliber or SBR in here

4d. Model

Put the Manufacturers model name here (not all silencers or SBR have a model and in that case, this can just be left blank or write NA in there.

4e. Of Barrel

This is seldom used with muzzle or screw on silencers and is more often used on integral setups, but mostly it is left blank or NA in there.

4f. Overall

This is the overall length of the tube of the silencer.

4g. Serial Number

This is the big deal…Make SURE it’s legible and fits exactly what is shown on the silencer or SBR itself. Don’t leave out zeros in front of number ie… if the serial number is “TX 0052” and you put in TX 52, ATF will kick it back. When and if you chose to call to check on your transfer, read this entire number to them or they will not know anything about your transfer. Say the serial number is TX ZERO ZERO FIVE TWO, not TX FIFTY TWO.

4h. Leave blank

5. Leave blank

6a Leave blank

6b Leave blank

7. This is your Dealer’s federal firearms license number. If you don’t have it, leave this blank. You can use FFL EZ CHECK to make sure your dealer is still licensed with ATF at this website

8a. EIN

This is your dealers Employment Identification Number, CALL US FOR IT.

8b. Class

This is the Special Occupational Tax (SOT) class status of your Dealer. If he is a regular dealer the number 3 (hence the phrase “Class 3 dealer”) will be used. If he is a manufacturer the number 2 is used.

9. Circle I DO

This allows you to call and ask ATF where you are in the transfer process if you get anxious. (304-616-4500)

10. DON’T SIGN HERE. Your dealer must sign here.

11. This is for the dealer to fill out

12. This date is for the dealer to fill out


13 and 14 Even if you are corporation or trust you MUST fill these in…

Answer the questions in block 13 and 14 with an X or a check

15 Transferee’s Certification

Name of Trust
For the reasons write: “Hunting, Collection, other lawful purposes”
If you are an individual you will write you name in the blank where it says Name of Transferee. In the next two blanks you can put in “Firearms Collection” on one of the spaces. Sign where it says Signature of Transferee and date the form.

16 Photograph Section

Corporate and Trust transfers skip this step.
Grab your digital camera and have someone snap a picture of you. Make sure the picture shows your upper body from about four inches below your neck to over the top of your head and hair. Remove headgear. You can generally put the picture into your computer and use the print wizard in Windows to print out wallet size pictures of you. Cut them with scissors so they fit in the area provide and glue or tape them onto the form. Any picture used cannot be more than one year old.

17 Law Enforcement Certification

Corporate and Trust transfers skip this step.
This presents more trouble for some people than others. It’s generally a matter of explaining the reason behind the section so that the Law Enforcement person signing the form understands it. By signing it, they are saying that they have jurisdiction over you and they have no information that having the silencer would place you in violation of the local and state laws. Note that it does NOT say using it, only possession. The CLEO (chief law enforcement officer) is not responsible for your use of the silencer. That is your job. You may still have a problem
getting this section signed. There are other people in the law enforcement community that may sign for you. Generally, a Police Chief, Sheriff (NOT A DEPUTY), Prosecuting attorney, State attorney General, or anyone else ATF may approve. If all else fails, you can obtain the silencer by starting a trust or forming a corporation. This can be expensive in some cases, but has it’s advantages.The first blank in the Law Enforcement Certification section is for your full name. The next line is for the CLEO’s signature and title. You can date the form or the CLEO can. You can fill out the remainder of the information or the CLEO can.This must be done TWICE. ATF likes everything in sets of two.
ATF FORM 5330.20’s Certification of Compliance with 18 U.S.C 922(g)(5)(B) 


This form is also commonly referred to as the Citizenship Certification Form. This form can be found from the ATF website. You should be able to fill out the form from the Adobe reader. If not, simply print and fill it out.

In section 1: You put your Name or Corporation/Trust name here
In section 2: You put your name no matter if you are applying as an individual or a Corporation/Trust.
In section 3: Write “USA” Sign and date the bottom of the form

This ALSO must be filled out TWICE!

FBI Fingerprint Cards (FBI-258LE)


Corporation and Trust applicants need not bother with these. Your dealer has these in his possession and you need to ask for at least 4 of them. You can alternatively order these forms from ATF. If you order from ATF, order at least 100 of them.

You absolutely, positively MUST use the correct fingerprint forms to avoid delay in your transfer. Don’t try to use whatever you local jail has handy. Even if you have been fingerprinted before, you still have to do this. You have to do this for EVERY single silencer or SBR you obtain.

ORDER FBI-258LE (FBI FD-258LE – NFA, Imports ORI WVATF0100)

If the ORI section of the card you are using doesn’t look like this


Filling out the Fingerprint cards:
Start above the ORI section (where it says Martinsburg, WV) and put your LAST FIRST and WHOLE MIDDLE name in there.
Fill out Sex, race, etc…
Fill out your citizenship as USA and put your Social Security Number in the blank below Armed Forces No. Leave the other numbers blank.

Under APPLICANT you sign the first blank and write your physical address in the blank below it.

The section below this is for THE PERSON TAKING YOUR FINGERPRINTS TO FILL OUT, NOT YOU!!! The person taking the prints writes the date, signs and puts HIS OR HER employer and address in this blank. You don’t put your own employer and address in, as this will get the card kicked back. In Reason Fingerprinted…write NFA PURCHASE

Do two fingerprint cards that are identical, remember ATF likes everything you send them in twos. You let the fingerprint taker do his or her job and make sure you obtain clear prints or they won’t accept the card. If they are blotched, get another card done.

Some places charge for this service.

Corporate/Trust Documentation

Your Secretary of State website will likely have a place where you can look up your Corporation or Trust and print a document called “Certificate of Good Standing” or something that shows you are current. If you don’t have this, send the ATF the first page of your Trust or Articles of Incorporation/LLC agreement. Failure to do this will result in delaying your transfer or getting it denied.

Almost to the end

Now that your paperwork is completed you need to write a check to Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives or simply BATFE.

Sending your paperwork in: Double check your paperwork!

It’s time to mail it or take it to your dealer. DON’T SEND IT TO ATF YOURSELF. You have to make sure all the data is there and the dealer has to physically sign the Form 4’s. He will likely look over the forms for you, sign them, and submit them to ATF. Of course you can mail them out to ATF after the dealer signs them. Send them to the address on the Form 4 just above box number 1.

Your dealer will contact you

Your dealer will contact you when your paperwork is cleared and only then can you go pick up your silencer. You will be required to fill out an ATF Form 4473 (the usual form when you buy a gun over the counter) when you pick up your silencer. The NICS check is not required for NFA transfers.

Hope this was helpful
Steven F. Ling